About the Photographer

Photographer - Cherie Dvorak imageCherie Dvorak is a California native who grew up with a profound appreciation for nature's captivating powers.  Her innate connection with nature’s energy and her natural ability for composition showcase earth's beauty in the most elegant and compelling manner.  Through her photography she hopes to interpret the healing affects nature can have on the mind and soul.  Her highly skilled eye for esthetics and extreme perfectionism have produced some of the most poignant fine art photography you can find today.

Cherie shoots with medium format panoramic film cameras.  This format allows for extreme detail and vivid color, creating the highest quality large-scale prints.

“I am compelled to capture images that showcase the true essence and power of nature.  To see through the veil of chaos, uncovering the simplicity, this is where we find love, this is where the healing power of nature exists.  My passion is to connect with this energy and be lead by intuitive instinct.  I find this the best way to create meaningful depth in my images.  My goal in sharing these images is to hopefully provoke an appreciation, respect and responsibility for our natural world.”